Party Planning: Making Sure Your Party Flows


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Let’s talk about something important that can sometimes be overlooked: the length of your party. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is they plan an event that is too long.  Most parties should be no longer than 4-5 hours. The beauty of a fabulously planned event is that you always leave people wanting more. I always say you’ve thrown a successful event when people just don’t want to leave.

Here is the general timeline I’m planning for the Celebrations launch party. The party will be from 6pm-10pm (perfect for an event thrown on a week night, 8pm-midnight for the weekends):



6:00pm-8:00pm: Guests arrive. I call this the “lounge” period. Guests will be arriving, checking out the scene, eating some wonderful food, and mingling with others. I always make sure the entrance is welcoming, with waiters ready to greet everyone with drinks and appetizers.

Music is also very crucial here–I don’t want to overwhelm guests with something too high energy at the beginning. It’s also important the music is not too loud (We’ll discuss more about the importance of music in a later post.)

8:00-8:04pm: I like to greet my guests with a special welcome message by stepping up to the mic. This is a way for me to welcome everyone I may not have had a chance to personally say hello to, and a way to “officially” kick-off the party. When greeting your own guests, be careful not to make your speech longer than 2-4 minutes max.


8:05 pm – 8:35pm: Time for a special guest performance by a surprise entertainer! (No, I’m not telling you who…) This is the moment to get the energy level up and get people in the dancing mood. I don’t want my party to turn into a full blown concert, so an abbreviated set of the band’s most popular songs is enough to get everyone in a dancing mood.

8:35pm-10:00pm: Dance, dance dance. Being a member of the Studio 54 era, I definitely love to dance and always hire the best DJ in town to get everyone moving at full swing.

After 10:00pm: This is the moment I’ll start saying my good-byes and thank all the guests for coming.  It will be the end of a wonderful night…


Tell me, what’s your favorite part of a party? Let me know in the comments.