Oscars Surprise Revealed and Answers To Yesterday’s Trivia!


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Dear Readers:

Happy Wednesday! As many of you movie fans know, the Oscars are happening this Sunday and I am pleased to share my big Oscar Surprise for one family this Friday on Good Morning America! Be sure to tune in to see the transformation we did and for tips you might find useful. Take a look at the ballot above and let us know who you think the winners should be.

Now, the answers to yesterday’s trivia quiz. How many did you get right?

Who was the youngest star to ever win an Academy Award and for what?

Tatum O’Neal, at just 10 years old, became the youngest star to ever win an Academy Award for best supporting actress in Paper Moon. However, Shirley Temple was the youngest star to win an honorary Oscar when she was awarded a miniature statuette in 1934 when she was just 6 years old!

Who was the oldest star to ever win an Oscar and for what?

Christopher Plummer was the oldest star to win an Oscar for his role in Beginners as the best supporting actor in the 84th Academy Awards.

Which star claims to have named the award “Oscar” and why?

Actress Bette Davis, the first star to secure 10 Academy Award nominations, claimed in her biography that she named the award after her first husband Harmon Oscar Nelson. She gave her statuette this beloved pet name after discovering that her husband at the time’s middle was Oscar.

Who is the most nominated star of all time?

Meryl Streep was nominated 18 times for various roles in films such as The Deer HunterSophie’s Choice, and The Devil Wears Prada, making her the most nominated star of all time!

Who was the first African-American actress to ever win an award?

Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American actress to ever win an award for her role in Gone With The Wind as best supporting actress in 1939.

Which stars have kissed their presenters?

Adrien Brody shocked everyone when he dramatically kissed his Oscar presenter, Halle Berry, in the 75th award ceremony. And in the following year, Charlize Theron returned the kiss to Adrien Brody as he presented her with Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Which two actors have won for best actress and actor in a foreign language film?

Sophia Loren was the first actress to win in a foreign language film, who won best actress for Two Women in 1961 as she performed in Italian. Robert Benigni won best actor in a leading role in 1998’s film Life is Beautiful, when he performed in Italian as well.

Who has won the most Academy Awards for Best Set Production?

Cedric Gibbons holds the most Academy Awards for Best Set Production, counting 11 wins!



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