Oscar Surprise and a Little Bit of Trivia


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Dear Readers:

I am writing to you from a very exciting project I am working on relating to the Oscars! I am looking forward to to sharing the experience with all of you (which you will learn more about in the coming days) but thought today might be a fun day to play a little Oscar trivia. Let’s see how well you do (no cheating!) I will be posting the answers tomorrow and revealing the big news.

I am serious about not leaning on Google. Please answer in the comment section below.

Who was the youngest star to ever win an Academy Award and for what?

Who was the oldest star to ever win an Oscar and for what?

Which star claims to have named the award “Oscar” and why?

Who is the most nominated star of all time?

Who was the first African-American actress to ever win an award?

Which stars have kissed their presenters?

Which two actors have won for best actress and actor in a foreign language film? Who has won the most Academy Awards for Best Set Production?

And finally, who has been your favorite host and why?



(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)