No more “ blue lighting.



Dear Preston:

I saw an image that you posted on your blog, yesterday. It was all blue lighting. I am a lighting designer, and I think blue lighting is one of the most horrendous lighting for any wedding, I am surprised that someone in your status is still using this type of lighting.

No more “ blue lighting.”

Dear lighting expert:

It sounds like, you are an expert in the field of lighting, but I happen to disagree 100% with your dislike of blue lighting based on my nearly four decades of experience. I think lighting is one of the most important aspects of any event or wedding and excellent way not only to showcase your work but also important in creating a relaxed atmosphere for your guests away from work.

The lighting is also an effective way to convey emotions. I think, “intelligent blue lighting” reminds us of a beautiful blue starry night, giving us the feeling of being outdoor at night. You did not give any reason as an expert lighting professional as to why I should not opt for it next time. Based on the feedback from my clients and their guests, I shall continue to love using blue lighting to convey the sense of romance. Personally, I love the overall impact, and think “intelligent blue lighting” would always be “in”

Dear readers:
What do you think? Does blue lighting In or Out?