New Event Ideas:



New Event Ideas:

I think one of the elements that make a wedding unique, is the ability to create an idea to delight and surprise your guests. In my experience, easier said than done. Some Ideas work, and others simply do not.

In my Thursday blog post, I’ll like to share with you a few Ideas that have been done by myself; I thought would work very well, and it did. Well, in the following week, I’ll also share with you Ideas, which did not work for one reason or the other.

For my wedding, I had this Idea to create a photo gallery of all the guests and exhibited them at the entrance to the reception.

Well, How did I do this? Simple

1 Find pictures of all the guests:
Most likely you already have some fun pictures of your guests, If not you could find it
online. I was even lucky enough to find some of my guest’s wedding photos, this they loved, and felt as if I was honoring there wedding day.

2 Have pictures printed and mounted onto a surface:
You could use any hard surface, any shape or even make frame or pick up one that is
available on market

3 Create your Photo Gallery:
Few notes, the more sentimental and meaningful the pictures you find, the better. Can’t tell
you what a hit this was years ago.

Each guest felt special, and most of them could not wait to see what picture I printed onto the photo gallery.

Next week Thursday, I’ll share an idea with you, which did not work at all.

I know it could be a lot of work, but what do you think Of this Idea? Please share with us an Idea that you have done, that is unique.