Never Say Never


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Dear Readers:

I once made a statement (on television, no less) that I would never use carnations.  Well, fast-forward fifteen years and guess what? I have grown incredibly fond of this often-snuffed-at-flower, most especially when I am executing one of my floral structures.  As a designer, it is hard to ignore their “fluff” factor and longevity. And yes, they can be quite beautiful when arranged properly.

In today’s blog, I will be sharing three of my big sweeping “never” statements that I have happily (and humbly) retracted.

At one point in my career, I thought ferry lights were being overused.  I swore I would not use them based on that fact alone (after all, I enjoy offering my clients something different).  Then, one day, I met with a lovely client who wanted them at her wedding on a grand scale, the concept worked out beautifully.

In the beginning of my career, I was sure that I would never fire a client, regardless of the circumstances. I used to think that being in the service business meant dealing with challenges and challenging clients which meant firing a client was not an option.  Now, having being fired myself (yes, folks, I have been fired) I know that it sucks, but it’s worse to have to fire a client. I still regret it, but I remind myself that it was either them or my sanity,

As many of you know, I started out as a florist and designer. Years ago, just as I was starting out, I was approached by a client who asked me to plan her wedding.  I responded with my usual “sure, why not?” and found myself in a nightmare.  I told myself, “never again” and realized then and there that just because you think you can become a planner doesn’t mean you’ll be successful or an asset to the client.  Years later, I am more involved with that part of the service but mostly with my great planner, Kathy Romero.

The bottom line is that I have learned to never say never firsthand. The word brings a finality that means a road is closed, and as we grow and learn, we will appreciate the freedom that comes with having all roads open, and let’s face it; we all have the right to change our minds.

What is the one thing that you swore you would never do that you are considering doing again?  Also, as a side question, I would love to know if you yourself have ever been in the position of firing a client? Share your answers below, I would love to read them.



(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)