My Top Three Sales Secrets


Dear Readers:

The event industry is continuously expanding and including some of the most inspiring and talented designers, planners, and vendors in its history. Just recently, Biz Bash named the top 35 event design companies in the industry. Looking through the list, I enjoyed reading about the wonderful artists who are all very original in their own right. Not long ago, this list might have only included ten designers, but credit should be given where credit is due, and I appreciate Biz Bash acknowledging that.

Now, there are some who might might appreciate the opportunities introduced by this rapid growth and others who are a little intimidated by the worries that supply outweighs the demand. I can understand both sides of the equation as I see this as both beneficial and challenging from a client’s perspective. Imagine being in the position of trying to choose one of the many talented companies to design and plan your event and worrying whether or not you made the right choice?  This makes me think of our clients’ needs and desires. What are they looking for when choosing a company exactly?

In my humble opinion, here are my thoughts (along with the best way to sell your services).

Clients Want To Work With People They Like:  Regardless of your talent, clients want to know that you’re a likable and cordial person with whom they will enjoy planning their event. Biz Bash mentioned the wonderful David Beahm. I cannot tell you how many times clients have conveyed what a lovely man he is to me and my staff. On the flip side, I will refrain from mentioning the other names I am constantly hearing are snobbish to clients. I would like to congratulate David on his mention and the great work he has done to earn his well-deserved reputation.

Sales Secret:  Be authentic, open and down-to-earth with your clients.  They can detect phonies from a mile away and pretense has no place in the service industry.

Be Clear As To What You’re Offering: With so much competition, it’s essential you are clear about what it is that makes you different from everyone else and highlight it constantly. I personally love lush, over-the-top drama, and I never make excuses for it.

Sales Secret: Accept that your style will not be right for everyone, but the more you develop your brand and style, the more you will attract like minded clients who appreciate what you are offering.

Value Yourself:  This is different from arrogance. When you truly work hard and value  your creativity and the work you do, you will build your sense of confidence which will give you the courage to charge accordingly. Self-esteem is your strongest sales tool–as with any relationship, you set the tone in how others value you by way of showing how much you value yourself.

Sales Secret: Work hard and make sure to highlight the exceptional work you do so that clients know they are getting what they pay for.

In closing, I want to say that I personally think that there has been a growth spurt in the client base as well. I have always said that there is more than enough work for all of us, and it simply comes down to putting our best efforts into our own personal brands and connecting with the clients who are right for us.


Set aside humility for a moment and tell us, with pride, what your strongest gift is?  What do client’s like most about you and your work?

We seldom give acknowledgment to others in our industry. Today, please list your number one favorite vendor (even if they are your competitor).

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!



P.S. I came across this photo and found it so fun that I had to share.

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