My Planner Seems Great, But I Am Hearing Things


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Dear Preston:

I am a new bride to be and have met the most amazing planner. She has great referrals, seems perfect for me and is very kind, but I have heard some pretty crazy stories about her at these Bridal Market events. I really want to work with her, but I am worried now. What do you think I should do?

Bewildered Bride


Dear Bewildered:

We work in a very creative and vibrant industry with a lot of movement and plenty of conversation, but I have learned that not everything we hear is 100% accurate. Having been in this business for 36 years, I have witnessed my fair share of interesting moments and heard more gossip than the National Enquirer can provide. While we all love a juicy story, it is important to remember that sometimes that is all that it is. I think it is important to hold onto what we know about someone and take everything else with a grain of salt . You mention that she has great referrals, seems “perfect” for you and is someone you get along with. These all seem like very substantial reasons to give her both the benefit-of-the-doubt and your business.

Bewildered, the reality is that there can be thousands of small things to take into consideration when “getting the scoop”, so to speak. The person speaking can be experiencing jealousy, sharing misinformation, be feeling annoyed, blowing something out of proportion or even repeating a story and getting the name wrong. If this planner has proof of a job well done, gets you and seems to live up to your expectations, I think you should follow your own intuition and allow her to continue giving you the service that has made you so happy.

Readers: What do you think? Do you think this bride should reconsider?