Preston Bailey Payment Plan for Brides and Clients

(Image via Jim Legans, Jr)

This morning I promised that I would outline the payment plan I ask all of my clients to follow. So, here it is!

I’ve been ask many times how I handle payment. This is tricky because, obviously, you need to get paid, but your client also needs to feel comfortable. Below is my model, which I developed after a great deal of trial and error.

1. I get a call from a potential client, and we set up a preliminary meeting. When we meet, I try to get a solid sense of the client’s needs and dreams.

2. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’m more than happy to see potential clients a second or even third time to address additional concerns. At these meetings, we may even discuss what certain design elements generally cost.

3. Once the client and I are both comfortable with each other and have established a verbal agreement, I request a nonrefundable amount of money to hold the date of the event.

4. I invite the client to another meeting where I present the designs I’ve come up with for his or her event. Usually, I will provide at least three different designs.

5. Once the client chooses a design, I give him or her a written proposal and ask for 50% of the bill.

6. I ask that the client pay the remaining 50% two weeks before his or her event.

Truthfully, I could write a whole book about money and clients! Please leave a comment, and I’ll try to address your concerns and ideas on this topic in greater detail next week.

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