My Parents Aren’t Feeling My After-Party (But I Am Having One Anyway)


unnamedDear Preston:

I want to have a beautiful wedding and an amazing after-party but my parents aren’t exactly down with the idea. How can I find a way to balance it out where it doesn’t bore the fun guests to tears with tradition but also doesn’t offend the more reserved?

Good Time Bride

Dear Good Time:

I love your vibe in your email and can appreciate your dilemma. I will tell you, even at 65 and as a non-drinker, I love a good after-party. As an event designer, I appreciate the chance to offer an added surprise and get a thrill when guests are enjoying themselves so much that they do not want to go home. I suggest that you make the wedding the traditional experience your parents will appreciate (keeping it at your own comfort-level, of course). Make sure to take plenty of photos, cut the cake, toss the bouquet–whatever traditions mean the most to you and then treat the after-party as a totally separate event.  While some people want a raging after-party in a club-like atmosphere, others play on a theme and go about it that way. The key is that it is different enough from the wedding that guests get the sense they can let loose, relax and have fun. Some couples even change into second outfits to set the tone. Whether it’s a masquerade in a ballroom, a “lounge” set up on a beach or carries an international “club” vibe, you want to make sure to have good music, good food, great drinks (non-alcoholic options as well) and plenty of seating as well a place to dance. As not all of your guests will want to join and will trickle in and out at their own pace, you want to plan the size and scale accordingly.

Readers, what are your best after-party tips for this bride?