My Opinion: Your ego will destroy your success



Dear Readers:

I recently had a discussion with a young woman who was working with a planner who seemed very inflexible. This planner has done what she has always done for fifteen years and been somewhat successful, and because of that, she (often angrily) refused to be open-minded about her staff, designs and innovation. This seemed to cause great stress amongst her staff who not only felt suffocated and micromanaged, but also stifled creatively. The young woman asked me what I thought she should do and I told her to give her boss some room to grow, and if she was sure that she would not change, to really think about what she wanted to get out of her position and how realistic it would be that she would be happy in the same environment in a year.

We work in an innovative, ever-changing industry and while some old habits and ideas might bring in scattered clients, sticking only to the script will wind up biting us in the long run. Not only will we begin to work on autopilot (which will lead to tired designs), we will also create a box for our staff who are all creatives and will do much more for you if they feel they are building something with you instead of simply checking off your boxes from 9-6PM each day.

Innovation, inspiration and growth requires adapting to and welcoming changes, listening to those around you and assuming that there is more for you to learn (and being excited about that instead of allowing your ego to take offense).

Today, I want to ask you how open to change you really are? Do you do what you have always done and complain when it doesn’t work for you or do you embrace new and fresh perspectives and ways of doing things and use them to your greatest advantage?