My Opinion: Young Blood Is Good Blood



Dear Readers:

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Engage where I was very touched by a story that, co-founder, Rebecca Grinnals, shared with me.
She reminded me of a business trip we took to Jamaica on which I made the suggestion that she should consider writing a book. Instead, she decided to create this magnificent forum where she brings talented industry folks in from all of the world to enjoy three days of creative bliss.

I absolutely loved being there as I know many others did. But speaking candidly, I found a particular conversation that I had with a couple of the “old timers” like myself rather disturbing. They were bitching and complaining about how crowded the industry has become with millennials looking for a quick fix. “They give a bad name to the industry,” quipped one. I personally think this is a load of bull.  How quickly we “old timers” forget. We too wanted a “quick fix” when we started out and we also made plenty of mistakes along the way. I personally think young blood is good blood and have seen some amazing work done by many of my young PB Protege students who bring a breath of creative fresh air to the event world.

Today, I want to ask all of you how you feel. Do you think that new comers help or damage our industry?  Please elaborate.