My Opinion, What’s Yours? Receiving Lines


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Dear Readers:

The great thing about being in the event business is that it changes. This is the normal part of the growing process. In order to change, we must constantly evaluate what works and what doesn’t. It is with this in mind that I am starting a new Monday blog where I will share my humble opinion on a number of things that I see working in our industry as well as highlighting things I think it is time to reevaluate. I am hoping you will offer your very valuable opinion on the subject as well.Today I will start with receiving lines. You know, the lines that guests form to shake the hands of the hosts?

My opinion? Get rid of them.

I was recently at a wedding where there were 500 guests. My hostess insisted on having a receiving line right after the ceremony. Even though I thought this was a very gracious act, it was completely impractical. I waited in line for 50 minutes before I was able to shake the hand of my hostess. Granted, I am not known for my patience, I was not the only one annoyed.  My solution is to have the couple visit each table if they are having a seated dinner. Not only will this be easier on guests, it is much more personal. I had one couple who took this a step further.  They left an empty seat at each table and not only stopped by but actually sat down with their guests.  This made the guests feel so special and I thought it was brilliant. I always feel terrible for those brides and grooms in countries where they have weddings with over 1,000 guests.  Can you imagine having to shake a thousand hands?

That is my two cents. What is your opinion on the matter? Get rid of receiving lines or keep them? If you have a better solution, please share it with us.



Photo: People Magazine