My Opinion: We Need To Remain Respectful On Our Jobs


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Dear Readers:

Have you ever closely watched the eyes of the guests as they walk into a room for the first time and then again as they sit at their tables.  An interesting design always has layers, and we know we have done our job when they continue to surprise and delight our guests throughout the night, so much that they do not want to go home.

Very rarely do any of these wonderful men and women know the hard work and hours of meticulous planning and energy that has gone into creating each and every moment they experience.  For me, this is a good thing. There is a sense of awe and wonder, an encouragement to believe in “magic” for that one enchanting evening.

That said, as colleagues, it is important that we all keep the efforts of our peers in mind and remember that a great event is a team effort and one vendors excess of expertise and energy does not dissolve that of another.  We work in a competitive business and competition is healthy when used as a way to better one another, but it can be terribly counterproductive to be working with 100 people who are all grumbling and threatened by those around them. Also, let’s be real; no one likes to work for, under or with someone who is negative 99% of the time. How draining is that?

I mention this today because I recently heard a young florist complaining about the “negative energy” she felt on a recent job.  She was so turned off by the backbiting that she actually considered quitting! I encouraged her to maintain her good nature, honor her talents and protect her good energy while also sharing it with others. Today, I want to ask all of you to let someone know that you notice what they bring to the table and give them the compliment that, perhaps you feel, but never share.

Let me know how the exchange goes. I would like to know.