My Opinion: Vendors Should Not Speak To Your Clients Without You Being There


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Dear Readers:

This is for my planners and designers. Managing the relationship you have with your clients and the vendors you hire requires a delicate balance. It should be one of collaboration and respect, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Let me tell you a little story:

We recently did a planning job for a destination wedding. One of our vendors lived quite close to our client and we trusted our vendor to speak directly with our client without us being there. That was a terrible mistake. Though we were the main designer for the event, this vendor took the liberty of creating new and different designs while trying to convince our client to do their designs along with ours. To be very honest, the designs presented by vendor in question were not that bad. It was the fact that they took it upon themselves to do this without our involvement and knowledge that was a huge disappointment.

Now, do not get me wrong: I think any job should be a huge collaboration and we should always keep the creation of the vision of our clients as our goal. That said, we felt incredibly disrespected. This was especially true since we hired the vendor in question.
specially when we were the ones that hired the vendor in question.

Lessen learned.

If you are a planner or designer and you hire different  vendors, I feel strongly that you should never allow the vendor to have direct contact with your client without being present.

Question: Do you think I am being too sensitive or was this vendor out of line?