My Opinion: The Event Is Over When It’s Over


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Dear Readers:

I have always said that I know I did a good job designing and event when, at the end of the evening, the guests do not want to go home. But what do you do when you only rented the venue until midnight and your clients and their guests do not want to leave but refuse to pay the high overtime fees?

I have found this to be one of the most challenging positions for a planner to be in. They must pace an evening carefully enough to allow the guests to feel they have had a good time (that lasted long enough) while also ensuring everyone vacates at the time agreed upon in the contract.

Working this out isn’t always easy. I was recently told of a situation in which a planner took a lot of heat from the guests who were mad at her for not extending the contract at no charge. They were having a good time and wanted her to extend it with no respect to the fees. Crazy, right?

If clients want to stay, they need to pay.

Today, I want to ask all of you planners if this is something you have encountered (or encounter frequently). If so, how to did/do you handle it?




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