My Opinion:  The Beginning Of The New Year Is a Great Time To Reflect.


Dear Preston


Dear Readers:

With a new year often comes a number of goals, dreams and yes, even concerns.  Today, I want to highlight a few points that might help you to rethink your business.

It’s not only about making money. It’s also about making dreams come true (yours and others).

Be brave and create your own ideas. Success comes from persistent improvement and inventing new concepts, ideas and things. It does not come from competing or copying others. Most likely those you are copying have figured out how to make a profit before you have.

A message for all of you beginners. You don’t always need money to start. Instead, begin with the mindset of helping people and the clients will follow (I promise).

When you create your own company, you get to make a universe where you control all of the laws. When you make a dream come true, it will be a dream come true for many others as well.

Do not sit on an idea out of fear. Ideas are worth nothing unless you execute them. In the new year, commit to taking action. Work on it even if only for an hour a day.

We need to have the courage to confidently exclude certain clients. We must know who we are and proudly declare who we are not. By doing so, you will win the hearts of the clients you actually want.

Please, do not think you need a huge vision to be a success.  Just stay focused on helping your clients bring their vision to life.

Care more about your customers than yourself. Success will follow in groves.

It’s OK to be casual. The days of the snooty approach to customer service are rapidly disappearing. You can be as unconventional, unique and quirky as you’d like. Your business should be a reflection of the creator (you).

No matter which goal you choose to go after, there will always be someone telling you that you are wrong. Just pay close attention to what excites and drains you. If you are excited, you are on the right path.

Question: Which one of these 10 points resonated more with you and why?




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