My Opinion: Stop Worrying About Making A Fool Of Yourself.



Dear Readers,

As many of you know, I am at Engage 16 at The Breakers in Palm beach and I have to say that I am deeply humbled to have been asked to speak and feel very lucky to be at this stunning property once again. Engage is one of the most empowering and vibrant events in our industry and to have access to the wisdom of speakers like Mindy Weiss, David Beahm and Cindy Novotny while enjoying the impeccable service at this world class hotel is really something.

I had the honor of opening the speaking series this morning and I decided to share my 10 biggest mistakes in all areas of my business from working with clients to design disasters. We all had a bit of fun in the exchange and I decided to be blunt and open. How could I open with a tip telling others not to be afraid of making a fool of themselves if I stood their reserved trying to pretend that I never stumble or walk away thinking, “what in the hell were you thinking, Preston?”

I want to really encourage all of you to embrace the idea that is is OK to be human. You’re allowed to make mistakes, not know what in the hell you are doing, and yes, even make things up at times. You are not a fraud if you sit there wondering what steps to take next, regardless of your level and you need to know that no one has it all figured out. The essential thing is to have courage and keep going and you know what the bravest thing in the world is? To be yourself and honest about it.

How have you made a fool of yourself recently?