My Opinion: Stay Calm (There Is Enough For Everyone)


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Dear Readers:

I have a couple of very good friends who, like myself, have been in the business for a decade or more. I have had a few conversations with them and they are a bit frustrated, to say the least.  They are claiming that, in the event business, there used to be a place where you could make a decent living but that is just not the case anymore. “Everyone now is a either a planner, designer, caterer, cake maker, musician or any two of the three,” said one. “It’s getting so crowded that hardly anyone can make money and the newbies who undercharge without experience only make it worse,” said another.

I do agree with them that it is much more challenging. There is no question in my mind that the event business is bigger and more competitive than ever before. Even for us here at PBD; we have had great years and others where we could hardly cover our expenses. And yes, the newbies are undercharging. Yet, I am not sure about you but I also undercharged in order to get going when I first started out.  I think we who have survived a few years have forgotten a fundamental truth: most people join the event world not only to make money, but because they fell in love with the profession. They love seeing a happy client. They love to give great service to others, and maybe some are like me: they stumbled upon something they loved because they were in desperate need of a job. Even on the years when I can barely cover my expenses (we all have them, folks), I try and see an opportunity for reinvention. I want to keep growing. Yes, it has become more challenging indeed, but in every challenge is an opportunity for growth. We “oldies” who have been around for a while are no longer the only shows in town and I think we should embrace and support the newbies. I truly believe there is more than enough for all of us to go around.

I also believe in a very generous God who gives us everything we need and more as long as we put in the time and effort.

Tell me your thoughts on this topic. What is your most candid opinion?