My Opinion: Only Work With Experienced Vendors



Dear Readers:

Ok, I know that I am going to get slammed for taking such a strong stance on this issue, but you must hear me out. A couple of years back I did a destination wedding for a very lovely family.  When I was hired, I was told that there was just one condition: I needed to use the lighting company my client preferred to do the job.

Of course, I was so eager to get the job that I agreed. For this, I blame myself.  I thought they must be great since my client loved them so much.

Big mistake.

Now, if you know anything about lighting, you  know that it’s an art form in itself.  A good lighting company has the best fixtures and they are very aware of the new LED technology. You do not want to see exposed cables all over the floor, and because is a wedding, you want to create a special glow without the guests knowing where the beautiful lighting is coming from. From the moment I started working with this vendor, I knew I was in deep trouble.  This company wanted to set-up a lighting system that was more appropriate for a stadium than a wedding.   The moment I opened my mouth, I was told not to worry as my clients liked the way they lit up a room.

Of course, I was not having. This created a very difficult situation. Throughout this fiasco, I  learned a very valuable lessen: It’s not good to be greedy. If a client wants to use one of their preferred vendors, it is our job to make sure that we interview them extensively before saying yes.  If they are not the right vendor for the job, we must be willing to say no and walk away.

Without the right vendors to support us when it comes to bringing our designs to life, we are nothing.

Question: What do you think about this topic? Do you agree this was my fault and I let my greed get the best of me?Blessings,