My Opinion: Move Past The Myth of Perfection




Dear Readers:

OK, I can see all of you perfectionists out there who were ready to stop reading the second you saw my title. Before you do, let me promise you that I can back up my claim.

Here it goes…

After working in this business for 35 years, I have learned that, no matter how much I plan or try, one thing is certain: something will always go wrong.  been in business for 35 years, no matter how much I planned and tried, there is one thing is certain, something always goes wrong. If you are in the world of events, you very likely know that one of the most exciting things in the world is when your clients see their event for the first (and last) time ever. Many times, those moments are taken in as priceless and deeply appreciated by our clients and it is always such an honor for us, even when we see the things that we could have done differently.

Instead of trying to be “perfect”, I practice observation. After every single event, I quietly stand in the corner and observe (with a very objective eye) what I could do better next time. Notice that I did not say “what I did wrong”. There is a difference. One is a harsh judgment and the other is an area of opportunity for growth.

If you are like me, you probably have so many great ideas but are afraid of moving forward because you fear you may not be good enough. That is the problem with perfectionism: it always gives you an excuse to procrastinate. You also always have an excuse (not a real reason) to never feel good about yourself. So, today, I want to offer a friendly reminder to stop aiming to be perfect and simply embrace action. I love the way S.L. Adler puts it, “There is no perfection, only a beautiful version of brokenness.”

In today’s blog, I would like for you to fill in the blank: “If I was not afraid of failing, I would start ____________________.

I look forward to reading your responses.