My Opinion: Most Of The Clients Who Spend “A Fortune” On Flowers Can Afford It.


Dear Readers:

This week, I will be giving my opinion on a very delicate subject: Clients who choose to spend “a fortune” on their events. Very recently, I read a comment from one of my readers who stated that elaborate flowers were a “waste of money” and the money would be better spent as a gift to a charity instead. She went further to say that I should do some “nice, sane floral arrangements.”

I am still wondering what she means by “sane floral arrangements.”

While I applaud her generous spirit, I can safely say that, with that kind of mentality, there might not be a floral and event business. Imagine if we all were doing “sane” flowers. I think this reader misses a fundamental point. Most of the clients who spend what is considered to be “a fortune” can afford it. They are looking to create a memory that will last a lifetime for their family and friends. As a florist/designer, I can think of no better way of creating this kind of memory than by creating a floral and design statement that has never been seen before. In a way, a great budget is a gift. If she keeps thinking only of doing “sane” floral arrangements, will she ever leave room for creativity? For me, the beauty in designing with flowers is always to try and achieve the impossible with my creations. I would also like to say something in defense of my clients. it has been my experience that most of them donate quite a lot of money to charities. I personally am very grateful to have clients with larger budgets who make my “insane” designs possible.

Question: Do you agree that spending large amounts of money on designs is a waste? Do you think clients are spending too much on events?