My Opinion: Hotels Are Still Excellent Wedding Venues



Dear Readers:

I am not sure about your, but I have had quite a few brides tell me that they would like to “get married anywhere other than a boring hotel.” Their claim is that most of their guests have been to whatever hotel for either other weddings or corporate events and they want to do something different.

In New York (where I live), I am pleased to say that we have a few great choices. We have amazing lofts, a couple of wonderful museums (see the Frick above), a castle, The Botanical Garden (a venue in the park), a castle and a few private clubs (The Rainbow Room offers an amazing view of the city) and some really great restaurants.

I think choosing the right venue is a very personal choice that really depends on the tastes of the couple (and the budget, of course). But before you rule out a hotel wedding, hear me out. I would like to give you 5 reasons I think hotels are still a very viable choice for your wedding.

It is because they have done it hundreds of times that they will most likely get it right. No delayed food among other things.

An amazing bridal suite. Most hotels will offer you one as a part of your package.

Good guest rates. Most hotels will work with you which is great for your out-of-town guests.

Quality products. A few hotels have rather decent selections of linens and place settings.

Convenience. Many guests will appreciate everything being in one location, especially those who require more assistance.

If you are concerned that your guests have been in the rooms before (perhaps even many times), it is important to hire a good designer who can transform it with good design and/or lighting. I promise you that your guests will be delighted to walk into a room they think they know well only to discover it has been completely transformed into something they have never seen before.

So, yes, it is my opinion that while you have the choice to wed at other amazing venues, one should not rule out a hotel.

Questions: What is your preference? A hotel or other types of venues? Please share the reasoning behind your decision. Also, please share your favorite venue in your city?