My Opinion: Giving Up Is Not An Option. But Here Are Four Reasons Some Do.




Dear Readers:

I had an amazing time last Tuesday and Wednesday while conducting my PB Protege masterclass last week. I was touched and humbled by one of the questions asked by a candid student who wanted to know if I considered giving up 15 years ago when I was nearly two million dollars in debt.  The answer?  No, I never considered it for one simple reason: Being one of those foolish people who dropped out of high school, I have no other skills outside of being a floral and event designer. The question really struck me and it led me to today’s blog.

In my humble opinion, there are four reasons people who initially enter this business with love and passion wind up giving up. They are as follows:

  1. They think it will be easy. It is not enough to say that you are a florist, designer or planner; you need to put in the time and effort. There is a real value in experience and the successes (and yes, failures) it brings.
  2. They give their work away. There are a lot of us who, at one point or another, find ourselves giving such deep discounts that it hurts our business. We love what we do so much that we are willing to “give our work away” by not charging enough. Been there done that. Let me be blunt: You will not gain anything by offering cheaper prices just to get the job. Do that and you’ll eventually fail. 
  3. They expect to be an “overnight success”. Blame it on the media and the “everyone is famous” mentality, but instant gratification is not only the desire, it is the demand. There is no shortcut to lasting success in the event world. If you speak to anyone who has been successful, they will have put in 5-10 years of hard work before showing a healthy profit.
  4. They are only in it for the money. There is nothing wrong with showing a healthy profit, but the moment that becomes your only reason, you begin to give less to meet your margin. Find a balance of giving your best and charging accordingly.

When you experience the joy of a very happy bride/client or what it feels like to work nonstop for 48 hours and walk into a room brimming with excitement stemming from a space you created, well, you’ll never consider giving up in this life changing industry. In my opinion, you will have good years and (sometimes) terrible ones. Giving up should never be an option.

Tell me, are you in this business for art or money? Is it money first and then art or vice versa?  

Also, have you ever considered giving up?