My Opinion: Do Not Be A “Jack Of All Trades and A Master of None.”



Dear Readers:

The event business has grown into a business where it is very difficult to just do one thing. It is for this reason that there are a lot of Jack’s and Jane’s of all trades who are masters of none. I learned the importance of mastering years ago when I realized that while I loved being a florist, I hated the amount of work that went into planning. Thus, I decided to have a planner on staff. Nowadays, there are a lot of floral designers calling themselves planners. I think that, if you are one of those people, you’d better make darned sure that you know what you are doing.

Planning an event is an incredibly complex job. You can always learn this in school, but you can only master it by actually having a vast amount of experience. I would say at least five years. The same thing goes with floral event and design. It took me at least 10 years to become comfortable enough to call myself a designer. I think we all have the potential to master more than one profession, and while some learn faster than others, please be very cautious in not promising your clients anything until you are absolutely sure that you can master it. There is nothing wrong with telling a potential client that you are just learning the process (and for that reason, you might charge them a bit less). Let the client make the final decision.

Question to all of you readers: Have you ever been outbid by a less qualified vendor? How many years did it take you to master your craft?