My Interview With Bárbara Diez


Dear Readers:

Happy Monday. As many of you might know I was recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina speaking at The Bridal Weekend Conference, an event hosted by Bárbara Diez. Today, I wanted to share my recent interview with all of you in the hopes you will learn more about the wonderful event and the Argentine market.





PB: What drew you towards the event industry and how did you “break in”?

My own wedding drew me into the industry, thirteen years ago. I am a translator and after a romantic wedding at tea time, friends and friends of friends started calling me up to ask how had I done this or that, since my wedding had been so gorgeous and simple at the same time! In less than 6 months, I was organizing weddings down here in Buenos Aires. Nowadays, we have become the largest event planning company in Argentina. We are opening our office in Chile next month as well and our book is coming out this November.


PB: The music of Michael Buble has been used to enhance the romance of numerous weddings. What was it like to plan his wedding?

We loved organizing Luisana and Michael Bublé’s wedding. Their wedding was in a beautiful Argentine Estancia, surrounded by a lake and old trees. They both got involved in all the details. The ceremony was in the great park overlooking the lake. Michael sang, “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Cuando Cuando Cuando” for Luisana during the bridal dinner. Ricardo Montaner sang as well. They danced with friends and family for hours!


PB: How has the weddings & events industry in Argentina changed over the years?

Thirteen years ago the wedding industry was scattered and not very professional. Some professionals did exist, but the industry has grown outrageously these past ten years. The industry is still growing. In the past ten years so many universities have included event organization as a career.

Preston Bailey, Barbara Diez, Bridal Weekend, Holding Hands

PB: Tell us about the Bridal Weekend Conference. What happens at the conference? Why did you start it?

The Buenos Aires Bridal Weekend was thought of as a space to convey wedding planners, event organizers, vendors, brides and grooms. It was the first time all players were joined so as to share the best of the event planning market. We had the best of tendencies, new technologies and fashion applied to the event market. We all grew 4 sizes after the Buenos Aires Bridal Weekend!


PB: What was the response from attendees?

Spectacular! There really is no other word to describe it!


PB: Do you plan to do another Bridal Weekend Conference and where will it be?

Definitely, yes! We are looking forward to the next Bridal Conference. Probably in Santiago de Chile for 2014 and a great Buenos Aires Event Planning conference in 2015!


Question:  Being that I was born and raised in Panama, I am very excited to see the event business growing in Latin America.  I would like to ask all of you Latin American readers to share how you feel the industry has changed/is changing in your respective countries?  I must say, I am certainly very impressed with the movement in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and my home country.

(Photos Courtesy of Natalia Roca and Walter Carrera)