My Florist Charged My Card Without My Permission and I Am Going To Sue


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Dear Preston:

I have decided to sue my florist. Now, I promise you that I am not one of those people who makes litigation a habit, but hear me out: I had a destination wedding and hired a wonderful florist who presented me with several great ideas for my wedding. Everything was going well until we got to our destination. I received a call from my florist telling me they needed more flowers due to the guest count rising at the last minute. I gave the florist my credit card in a rush and told her to charge the additional flowers.  Three weeks later, I received my credit card bill and was shocked to find staff lunches and dinners charged in addition to the flowers! When I questioned the charges, I was told that it is customary for clients to pay for the food and drink for staff and I would not get a refund.

I am livid! What should I do?

Trust Issues

Dear Trust Issues:

I read this knowing there are two sides to every story, and I am not calling you a liar, but I can not imagine any seasoned professional charging anything on someones credit card without their permission. If the florist did this, that is considered theft. With that said, there is no question that, if you bring a florist and their crew to execute a destination wedding, you responsible for paying for their flights and accommodations as well as their food. Many clients having destination weddings prefer using a local florist in order to avoid these extra charges which can, at times, be astronomical.

I find it a bit hard to believe that the florist you traveled with did not make you aware of this both verbally and in a contract. It might sound as though I am defending my fellow florist, but the truth is that I would give anything to hear their side of this story. I am not saying they were right in charging your card without permission, but if you did not provide money to to feed the crew, I advise you to let it go. I cannot imagine this amount would be great enough to sue.

Readers: I know I sound one-sided, but what do you think? If you are the florist in question, please send me your side of the story, if you would like to.