My Floral Demo at the Idea Factory


Preston Bailey Yellow White Flowers Floral PanelNext week, my team of expert florists and I will be doing a floral demonstration at the Event Solutions’ Idea Factory Conference in Las Vegas — the largest conference  & tradeshow for the event and catering industry. (Thousands of folks representing more than forty-four countries will be attending!)

My floral panels have become one of my signature designs, and I think they’re so popular because they’re mysterious. They leave guests wondering: how did they do that? In Las Vegas, however, I’ll be pulling back the curtain and sharing not only the specific mechanics but also my inspiration for these panels.

We florists are lucky: working with flowers means working with perfection. When you’re using something so beautiful and naturally perfect, it’s hard to create a bad arrangement. However, that also means we have to look for our challenges elsewhere. That’s why I’m always trying to create new space-defying arrangements that will delight and surprise.

See you in Vegas!

Dear Readers, if you’re familiar with my work, tell me, which of my arrangements would you like me to demonstrate? What’s your favorite style of floral arrangements? Modern, traditional, eclectic?

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