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Whenever I do a wedding, I have a little tradition that has come to mean a great deal to me; I always hand my bride her bridal bouquet right before she walks down the aisle. Early in my career, I realized that moment is an especially vulnerable one for brides. Sometimes they’re so overcome with emotion that they’re doing everything they can not to tear up. This is one of the special moments when I’m reminded just how much I love what I do. There I am, standing right beside a bride and her father, sharing an incredibly important life moment with their family. It’s powerful, especially because I get to know my couples over just a few months. To be a part of this moment when only a year ago a bride and her family were complete strangers to me is a privilege.

I have three favorite wedding planning moments, and I like to remind myself of these moments whenever the work gets tough, and I’m having trouble remembering why I love my job:

1. I get such a rush when I sign the contract saying that I’m going to do a new wedding. There are so many possibilities in this moment; it’s just the beginning, and I know I have so much joy and beauty ahead.
2. After everything we’ve been through, watching my brides walk down the aisle is a special moment. I smile and think to myself, “We did it!”
3. After their weddings, my brides often call me or write me to say they had a perfect day. This is a wonderful feeling.

Dear Readers, what are your favorite wedding planning moments? And, if you’re married, what was your favorite moment at your own wedding? Please share. I’d love to know!

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