My Bride Refuses To Have a Cake For Her Wedding


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Dear Readers:

I am curious to know if you will have the same reaction to this as I had. One of my brides flat-out refuses to have a cake at her wedding. When she first expressed her disinterest in the idea, I thought, “What? You can’t be serious.” For me a cake is a non-negligible. As we discussed the issue further, she explained that while she appreciates the tradition of cutting the cake, she ultimately believes it to be a waste of time and money.

She then shared a couple of stories that made me think. First, she mentioned that her sister had “the most beautiful cake” she had ever seen. However, when the caterer informed her that slicing and serving 500 guests would prove impossibly time-consuming, the couple agreed to serve another dessert altogether. “What a waste!” exclaimed my bride. On another occasion, my bride attended a wedding that displayed a huge, gorgeous (fake) cake. I told her this often works as a strong decor option as such a cake can serve as a statement piece while she and her groom indulge the cake-cutting tradition by way of a smaller cake. While she agreed on the decor opportunity, her stance was strong and was no changing her mind.

Now, I am never one to push my brides to do things. I introduce ideas and ultimately do as my client wishes, but I cannot imagine a wedding without a cake. I have worked with my pal, Sylvia Weinstock, and have seen first-hand what an amazing cake can do for an event. I remember guests being blown away by the one she graciously did for my wedding!

Still, I am at odds with myself as I understand my brides concerns.

Please share with me your opinions. Would you encourage the bride to reconsider or let it go? Also, take a look at the photo above. Is the cake in the photo real or fake? Please share why you have given your answer. I will share the answer and a few details tomorrow.



(Photo Courtesy John Labbe)