My Best Friend’s Facebook Posts Are Driving Me Crazy.



Dear Preston:

My best friend is getting married and her Facebook status updates are making me cringe. Between her “look at my big rock” posts and her constant bragging about the “amazing venue” and her “gorgeous husband-to-be”, I am at my wits end. How do I let her know to tone it down? She looks like a fool!

Over it

Dear Over it:

Between the political swipes, baby photos, travel pics and so much food, there isn’t a one among us who doesn’t roll an eye or two at the choice posts of our nearest and dearest (and the people we met once who added us). It’s best to keep in mind that we also might annoy others, and the kind thing to do is to allow others to post what is important to them and love them anyway or simply hide them. When we start to “step in” and condemn others for sharing what is important to them, we come off as unsupportive, and this is especially true when the posts are about something as personal as a wedding and love. My advice is to think of the things you love about your best friend and look at her through the eyes of someone who is happy and excited for her. You might find that, in that slight shift, you see her not as a braggart, but as a thrilled bride-to-be who can’t believe her luck and who is so incredibly in love with the man who bought her the ring of her dreams and has eyes that make her knees melt.

What do you think about this, readers? Should she tell her or let it go?




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