My five biggest mistakes that I made when presenting a job to a client.


Years ago I had a bride who I love so much that I told her, I’d surprise her by designing a unique bridal bouquet. On the day of her wedding, as soon as I presented her the bouquet, she immediately started crying. At first, I thought these were tears of joy, but to my surprise, the bride was crying because she hated it.

Never, and I admit, never add a surprise element for my brides. Make sure that clients are very clear on everything, that they are to get; floral designs you create for any bride’s wedding. Some of these ideas, we at Preston Bailey Design share through renderings, and quite a few other ideas, are shown to our clients via actual set up of the floral designs based on the individual likes.

I am to share the five lessons that I have learned over the years while presenting my Ideas or new designs to my brides.

1. Make sure you offer more than one Idea: If you are showing the bride your floral designs then give them two or three choices.

Lesson learned: If she hates one of your Ideas, you have a backup plan. In the beginning, I have had the experience where brides walked away because they did not like my only Idea.

2. Be careful in presenting designs that are way out of client’s budget.

Lesson learned: OK I admit it, I have been guilty of doing this many times. Sometimes it works, and they’ll spend a bit more, but other times they display resentment for showing them flowers that they can’t afford. Oh well, do not blame me for at least trying.

3. If you show a floral set up and clients happily approved then make sure that, they’ll be getting the EXACT design on the wedding day.

Lesson learned: Make sure to take a picture of the presentation, this would be helpful when you do shopping for the flowers to design the job. Also, my clients always love when I send them a picture of the making the floral design, as it’s a great way for them to start living their wedding day.

4. It’s important that you list a section of your contract, stating that all flowers that you show them at the presentation are subject to change, depending on availability. I also suggest that you notify your clients of any changes before her wedding.

Lesson learned: Years ago, my client wanted white peonies, and during her wedding week, only pink peonies were available. The bride never forgave us, and she blames us for ruining her wedding till today.

5. Last but not the least, make sure you do not show them any flowers or designs, that stops you from making a healthy profit.

Lesson learned: Well, guilty again. I still get so excited whenever I have a new design, I can’t wait to show even if it comes out of my profit. Thank God for the accountant who is looking over my shoulder so that I do not loose money by making a timely decision.

Dear Readers:

What is your opinion? Did any of your mistakes become a valuable lesson?