Motivation Practice


I wonder if you, like me, ever need to work on remaining motivated? We all want success, inspiration, great jobs etc., but very few folks talk of the daily journey that is integral to staying motivated.

For me, remaining motivated is essential. It helps me battle with my old familiar demands of not being good enough, thinking about not getting the jobs I want, not having enough time…this list is endless.

I’d like to start this new blog series where we can share motivation tips and support each other to keep moving forward regardless of all our doubts and difficulties.

How do we keep our faith that things will work out? (This simple belief is what has kept me going for so many years.) Obviously, motivation requires daily attention and practice.

Here is the daily morning routine that helps me keep focus and inspired regardless of my demons:

  • Write anywhere from 1-3 pages in a journal. This is a very powerful tool and great way to get rid of all the unnecessary junk in your mind. Once written down, it’s easier to let the worries go. In addition, don’t hesitate to write down your dreams and goals. This is always a first step for putting them into motion.
  • Read a few pages from a book that inspires you. This book could be the Bible or any religious book that gives you hope. I am reading several books right now, but the one I am loving is Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  • Find a motivation quote. Sometimes, we just need something that will remind us how much we can achieve. Find a quote that motivates you and tape it up near your desk. My quote for today is: “You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.” –Jimmy Carter
  • One meeting at a time. If a day of tasks ever feels overwhelming, just sit and think this to yourself. Once you focus on being present to the tasks that need to be accomplished, and you focus on them one at a time, you can achieve anything.

Now tell me, who among your friends and family helps keep you motivated? For me, it is my partner and my design team.