Mother Nature’s Moods: When (and When Not) To Cancel


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Dear Readers:

I write from my offices both excited for the Preston Bailey & Friends Event tonight, but also very concerned about guests who are traveling to join me in my New York office.  I know all of you planners, designers and brides can relate to the ever-looming concern that Mother Nature may experience a change of mood and impact the comfort, commute or even safety of your guests. When safety and comfort is an issue, the answer is obvious, but it gets tricky with travel.

I have been watching the weather closely, and though disappointed we’re experiencing these conditions and empathize with those experiencing travel delays, I have decided to stay here in the office and host those who have made it to the city from all over the world (and those who live here and have been looking forward to the event).

These decisions are never easy to make. Like you other hosts and hostesses, I want to show all of my guests a wonderful time. Having to choose which ones to accommodate is difficult and frustrating. Seeing that more of my guests had arrived than have not, the show must go on as they say.

Today, I want to ask all of you how you would handle travel delays of some of your guests on your wedding day. How would you decide to postpone or continue with the event?



(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)