Most of the clients do not understand quality versus cost.



It’s my opinion:  Most of the clients do not understand quality versus cost.

Cheaper price may not always be the best choice to make. The quality and experience counts for something and comes with a higher price tag.
In today’s climate, I see most brides are looking for deals and like to have their dream wedding within budget.

Brides should ask themselves as what are they willing to sacrifice in terms of quality versus cost. Just because a bride opt for less expensive, doesn’t mean she would save money in the long run. Most likely she opt to sacrifice the quality.

Two months ago, I have a very interesting experience with one of my potential bride. She made it clear that she was interviewing 3 vendors. Myself, another high end vendor, and third vendor with only 2 years experience. I realize that we are not the cheapest in NY.

However she got three from three different proposals and it is evident from the lowest quote that experience and quality comes with a cost.

Our quote _ $150,000
Another high end vendor _ $140,000
Third vendor with least experience _ $95,000.

Of course, she went with the cheaper vendor as most likely she did not evaluate the pro and cons of quality versus cost.

I am very happy that my potential bride shared this information with me.
Yet, looking from a vendor’s point of view that how can a any vendor can come up with much cheaper pricing.

I can only hope that the quality of this job, is not going to be compromised at that cost, but maybe I am wrong.

Dear Readers:  What do you think?