More About The Trip & Why I Loved Hong Kong


When I sit here and think about everything I want to share with you about Hong Kong, one thing stands out in my mind: the people there were amazing (and so elegantly dressed too). Being in the service business, I just have to say that I was in complete awe at the level of attention and service I encountered throughout my entire trip. I was touched by the many subtleties that combine together to differentiate between a “good” experience and a “great” experience.


One example of this is when I arrived at the Hong Kong International airport. When we walked up to the Asiana airlines counter, all the attendants stood up and addressed us—even those who had no obligation to attend to us. It’s definitely different (actually, let’s say completely opposite) of what you would normally encounter at JFK International Airport in New York city (you know what I’m talking about New Yorkers).

Another thing I loved: the shopping (check out the picture of me in action). Hong Kong is known as a shopping mecca and it certainly stands up to this reputation. I took the chance to deck myself out on this trip and visit many of the stores Hong Kong had to offer. I also enjoyed the food so much! One great meal was a family style traditional Chinese dinner at Peking Garden. The freshness and originality of the Chinese food was unlike anything I’ve tried here.

Overall, it was a fabulous trip and I can’t wait to go back.