Mistakes: Doing Too Much


Dear Readers,

I hope you are all feeling productive and energized as the week winds down.
I wanted to talk a bit today about the importance of prioritization.  As professionals in the event business, we often have to juggle a number of important things on a daily basis.  Multi-tasking is an essential component to our success, but choosing  just what to add onto the “to-do” list isn’t always easy.
One of the things I have noticed is how I tend to try and push more work into my days as Friday approaches.  There seems to be a “pressing deadline” in my head that encourages me to fill up my moments with more things to check off.  This is not always the best way to spend my energy.  Like you, I want to always put my best foot forward and give my clients 100%.  The problem with trying to do too much is that we run the risk of doing more but giving less–to our designs, to our clients, and even to ourselves.
Over time, I have learned to pick what to focus on by learning how to say “not now” to other things.  If I need to focus my attention on a client, I may have to postpone dinner with a dear friend, though I may want to do both.
I wanted to ask all of you if you feel you try and do too much and why you feel you do this? What you are willing to leave on your “to-do” list  for now?
(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)