Mistake: I Used Furniture As A Centerpiece

Preston Bailey Furniture as Centerpiece Mistake Flowers

Preston Bailey Furniture as Centerpiece Mistake

Dear Readers:
As you can imagine, 30 years of work has led to an Image Library that holds literally thousands of images.  Some of these images bring about a sense of pride, but others?  Let’s just say I am glad I am someone who is eager to learn from my mistakes.  Take, for example, this centerpiece I did many years ago.  I can hear you saying, “Preston, a piece of furniture as a centerpiece!  What were you thinking?”  Now, before you judge, let me explain: My client wanted a very unique giveaway for each of the guests.  The thought of sending guests home with another frame bored her to tears.  I suggested that we give each guest a floral arrangement and display them on a piece of furniture and use them as centerpieces. This seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but looking back, I realize that over-the-top is one thing, but this was another.  I went too far, don’t you think?
Question: What do you think of my furniture flop?