Mistake: Focusing Too Much On Being The “Perfect” Host


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Dear Readers,

I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves as the week begins to wind down.  As many of you are aware, those of us in the United States are preparing to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Time seems to have sped up a little in recent months, I cannot believe it is just a week away!  Though I am still on location, I am giving serious thought to planning my annual dinner.  I always find it funny how nervous I get as a host.  I want my guests to have the perfect experience.  This made me think about the pressure we place upon ourselves when we host events.  From worrying about the turkey to doing all we can to avoid lulls in conversation, we often get so caught up in making sure that there are no fires to put out that we miss the best part of our events: enjoying our guests!

Though I am always reminding my brides to breathe and enjoy themselves on their big day, I sometimes forget to remind myself. And we all know that a host sets the tone.  A calm and relaxed host that goes with the flow helps guests to feel at ease.  A stressed and busy-body host on the other hand…

I want to ask all of you how you deal with the “perfection” issue?  How will you will keep your worries in check and focus on having fun with your guests this year?  Also, I’d love to ask what your biggest holiday “blooper” was?

I look forward to reading your responses.


(Photo Courtesy of Style and The Start Up)