Meet me in St Louis on Sunday



I have not been to St Louis since 1993, and I am super excited to be visiting this Sunday, for a unique and exciting conference. It’s called “THE INTERNATIONAL WEDDINGS OF THE WORLD.”

The interesting part of this conference is that they’ll be showcasing the love from all religions and ethnicities around the world; Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. It would be spectacular to see international flavor on one platform; Indian, Bosnian, African, MiddleEastern, African, and much more!

I am excited because I have had the privilege of working in over 50 countries, over 36 years of being in this business, and I’ll be sharing with you some of the amazing images and lessons that I have learned throughout my journey of designing weddings. Also, I’ll be sharing some of the horrible mistakes that I have made from time to time, by not understanding certain cultural traditions.

If you like more information on this exclusive event, please visit

Hope to see you there.

Dear Readers:

My question is a simple one; Each culture has its’ most amazing wedding traditions. In your view, which one of the world’s culture displays’ over the top wedding celebrations in the world?