Making Mistakes Work For You


Dear Readers,

Whether you call them mistakes, setbacks or an oversights, I have learned (the hard way) that one does not get through a life without collecting a few moments they would like to do over.

When I was first starting out, I expected all of my events and arrangements to be executed perfectly. When this didn’t happen, I took it to heart.  Perhaps I wallowed longer than I should have or hid a clients’ dissatisfaction under a heavy excuse.  There were also those times when I tried to ignore my missteps altogether, hoping they would just “go away “.

None of this worked for me in the way I wanted it to.  Time showed me that wallowing doesn’t fix anything, excuses often fuel repetition, and ignoring things often makes them fester.  After a bit of frustration, I learned that the only way to make a mistake productive was to stare it in the face, accept that I could have done better, and identify exactly what not to do next time.

It sounds simple, but anyone who has tried it knows that it is easier said than done.  Sometimes, we have to try it several times before we get the hang of it. Once I did, I noticed that things become more fluid.  I started to anticipate challenges and became better prepared to deal with setbacks. Ironically, accepting that mistakes were a part of life helped me to stumble less and
I’d like to ask all of you how you deal with admitting you could have done better, not only to your clients, but to your self? Often times, it’s the latter that proves the hardest, no?
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