Making a Statement (Piece)


Dear Readers,

I am traveling to meet a client, but have given my staff the day off in honor of their hard work on my wedding and the President’s Day holiday here in the United States. I will be back to blogging regularly tomorrow, but wanted to share this wonderful image of Jeff Koon’s Tulips sculpture  that was purchased by the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas in the fall of last year for $33,682,500 (US).

For those of you who are not aware of the legendary piece, it is considered one of the most complex pieces of the artist’s “Celebration” collection. The design is made of sculpted stainless steel and weighs over 3 tons (!). It was created in five one-of-a-kind versions; talk about a fun statement piece! I personally love the vibrant color and the playful nod to the innocence of spring.

What do you think of the piece?