Looking Back: Aisles


Wedding aisle,wedding decor,flowers,arrangements
When I run into former clients on the street, I’m always so happy to see them and immediately want to catch up and ask how they are doing. I breathe a sigh of relief when it sounds like they’re doing well and are still happily married. Usually, they then show me pictures of the kids.

However, sometimes I hear a story about how it didn’t work out. Of course, this happens. There’s not an exact science to what makes a marriage work and relationships are always a challenge (even when you’re happy). In spite of hearing tales of break-ups and marriages not working out, I still believe in being able to live happily ever after.

wedding aisles,wedding decor,flowers,arrangements
Which is why, I guess, I love to get wrapped up in the details of designing an amazing wedding. For me, walking down the aisle is the highlight of any wedding. It’s the first time guests get to see the bride, which is an image most people keep in mind when they think about any wedding. I can’t even count how many weddings I’ve done and how many aisles I’ve designed.

It would seem like a pretty straightforward piece of the ceremony, but I’ve spent a good amount of time making sure each bride experiences something magical on the path I created for her. One thing I’ve done over the years is try to re-interpret the idea of an arch over the walkway.

wedding aisles,wedding decor,flowers,arrangements
At the beginning of my career, I made the terrible mistake of using real candles down the aisle. As the bride and her father walked down the aisle, stray candle wax accidentally dripped on the father’s tuxedo. This is not good, especially since it was the bride’s father (and he pays the bill!), so I will advise never using real candles to decorate the aisle. No matter how romantic it seems, it’s not worth the potential consequences.

flowers,arrangements, wedding aisles,wedding decor
Now, I have a special question for all the brides out there. I’ve always been curious about what you’re thinking when you’re standing at the beginning of the aisle, ready to walk to your destiny. Please share with me what you’re thinking about right before you start walking down the aisle (and hopefully it’s not something like, “Oh my gosh, these heels are too high. I’m going to trip!”). Oh, and if you can get it out of your husband, ask him what he was thinking too. Maybe it was, “Oh wow, this is it!”