Looking At Myself As A Boss


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Dear Readers,

Am I a good or rotten boss? It’s not easy to be objective. I always like living in a cloud of denial about being fair, however, even though I have had employees who have worked for me for 15 years or more, I have also had others who, after a month, have had it.

Is it the pressure of the event business? Is it the money? Is it the lack of organization? Or is it simply that I am not a good leader?

Regardless, if it wasn’t for the amazing, creative folks that work for me, I would not be here today; I owe it all to them. They put up with my impatience, my demands, my constantly changing mind, and worse, my ability to constantly come up with the craziest of ideas for them to execute.

I love my staff. I think that they are some of the most creative and adventurous people I have ever met.

I have always said that the most important qualification for anyone to work for me is that they need to teach me something that I do not know. I am proud to say that they are all my greatest teachers.

In the next few weeks, I’d love you to meet each and every one of them. I’ll be introducing them in the next few blogs. I’ll be asking them some very challenging questions and giving them the opportunity to answer very honestly.

For Instance:

1. What do you hate about working at Preston Bailey Design?

2. What do you not like about me as a boss?

3. What salary do you think you should be making at Preston Bailey design?

Yes folks, I know that most people resist talking about salaries, but it’s important to know what your talents and expertise is worth.

In fact, today, I’ll like to test your ability to know about salaries.

What do you think a good experienced florist should be making an hour?

$10.00 to $15 an hour

$15.00 to $25 an hour

$25 and over.

You’ll be surprised by what a good florist makes in New York.