Letters From Clients: The Freelance Person You Hired Was Horribly Rude



Dear Preston:

I first want to say how much I appreciated your amazing design for my sister’s wedding. The flowers were really incredible and we felt we were in another world. This is the main reason I am writing you. But as you told my sister to feel free to give feedback, I wanted to reach out and let you know something she would never share with you, but has been clear she feels. Your full time staff was amazing from start-to-finish, but there was a person who worked with you setting up the event who was atrocious. Not only was he rude to other vendors and workers, but he was loud and obnoxious for us to deal with. The man was clearly good at his job, but he did not reflect you very well, and as a representative of a luxury brand and you, I think you can find someone who would serve you as good with talent and better in terms of interpersonal relations and customer service.

The truth is that we pay not only for designs, but the highest level of service and even when someone is good with the client (and he was, if a bit overbearing) it is very uncomfortable to be around a “professional” who is treating other people poorly. My sister feels this is a reflection of her as she hired the whole team.

Just thought you should know.


Readers: What are your thoughts on this?