Letters From Clients: The Decor Was Too Spectacular And The Flowers Were Nauseating


Dear Readers:

I often receive letters from clients and potential clients. In our Thursday blog, I will be listing some of them without edits.



Dear Preston:

I was very happy to receive your call after you did my daughter’s wedding. I was even happier when you told me to not only tell you the things I liked, but what I did not like. Here I go:

Your decor was spectacular. I will say, a bit too spectacular considering that was all my guests talked about. I felt this took away  attention from the lovely couple. I also thought that the scent of the gardenias I asked for was way too strong. A couple of my guests felt nauseated. Yes, I suggested them, but you should have known better. The band was way too loud. My guests could not hear themselves speak and though I asked for them to lower the noise level, they would only do so for a little while and then back up it went. The cake looked spectacular. It’s a shame that it tasted like cardboard with sugar.

Lastly, let’s talk about the food. I remember in having a very delicious food tasting three months before the wedding. Nothing that was served tasted anything close to what I remember.  I realize there were 500 guests (and serving that many people is not easy), but I felt mislead.

Lastly, I must thank you for the opportunity to vent.  What truly matters is that my guests still keep talking about the spectacular wedding.  Cannot wait to give you a call when my other daughter is getting married.


An almost happy client.

Well, there you have it. I asked for it. What do you think of this client’s comments?