Letters From Clients: My “Hollywood Planner” Is Never Available!


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Dear Preston:

I live in Los Angeles and I hired a planner to do my daughter’s wedding. This planner is in great demand and does a lot of the high end hollywood weddings. My only daughter’s wedding is in three months, and every time I try to reach this planner, she is not available. I was told by someone in her office that she is busy doing two weddings each week and that I should wait my turn in which would come in three months. I find this highly unprofessional.  I feel that I am paying her a lot of money and I should be able to reach her even if it’s not my “turn”.

What should I do?


Dear Neglected:

There are two sides to this story. First, planners and designers need to give their full attention to the event they are doing in real time in order to offer the best service. Your planner will likely offer you the same courtesy which is why  I encourage you to be a bit patient with your planner.

Whenever I have a huge job, I tend to call my clients early in the week and ask them if there is anything they need while also explaining that I am doing a big job and to please forgive me if I do not respond promptly on those days. On the other hand (and I hate to tell you this),  I think you hired the wrong planner.  Most planners I have worked with have learned the art of proper time management ensuring their client’s never feel neglected.

As you said, this is your only daughter’s wedding, there is no reason that you should wait until “your turn” to get this planner’s attention.

Dear Readers: What do you think?