Let’s Talk About Bathroom Attendants

Bathroom Hall

Yesterday’s post got me thinking more about servers and attendants at events. I believe in great service as much as anyone, in fact I pride myself on giving grade A service, but there is always a limit. For instance, I still find it incredibly uncomfortable when I go to the bathroom and finish my business to find a usually very sweet attendant trying to hand me a towel for a tip.

I am always left with the vague feeling that this sweet person was just assigned there to make sure guests wash their hands properly (or wash them at all–seriously men, I’ve seen some of you just walk right out of the bathroom after you exit the stall).

Being from the old school of what goes around comes around, I never know what tip is appropriate. Fifty cents hardly seems enough, a dollar probably about right…but then, of course, partly out of guilt or generosity I end up over-tipping.

Bathroom Interior

I strongly suggest that if you do plan to offer this very private service at your next event, please pay the server beforehand and have them refuse any extra gratuity.

How do you feel about bathroom attendants? Do you think it’s a luxurious touch or an awkward encounter?