Let Them Eat (A Gorgeous) Cake!


Sylvia Weinstock Cake for Preston Bailey

Dear Readers,

When it comes to wedding cakes, the incredible Sylvia Weinstock is queen. A leader in the industry with a well-earned reputation for making edible masterpieces that are as delicious as they are beautifully-designed, Sylvia is a force. Imagine the excitement Theo and I felt when our dear friend offered to make one of her unique designs for our special night.

Well aware of my love for orchids, Sylvia and her crew worked for three weeks to create a cake that looked like a massive bridal bouquet which was the statement piece that greeted people immediately as they entered the area where the ceremony was held. Looking at the photo, I am so touched and honored–and amazed. The whole cake (which was quite tall) was made of sugar!

I would like to personally thank Sylvia and her crew for all of the time and energy they put into making this gorgeous design.

Would you have known this was a cake?