Layering Tables For An Event With Neverending Surprises


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Dear Preston:

My mother’s birthday is coming up and I am planning to host a lovely brunch. I want to make the table a delightful gathering place. Do you have any tips that will work with all themes?

Mama’s Girl

Dear Mama’s Girl:

When designing a table, I always like to play a bit of a game. We all sit down an experience the tablescape from the viewpoint of a guest.  I love to ask my team to share the different elements they saw after we have all sat down; it’s a really interesting exercise in that it shows how many different experiences one can have while sitting in the same spot. That’s the art of layering, isn’t it? To create unexpected surprises at even the most minimal table.

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When doing presentations, I always ask my clients to sit at the tables and gain the full experience as well. It’s one thing to look from above or afar and quite another to “be our guest” so to speak. Try and create a space with little surprises and maybe even a few treats tucked in for your mother. I am sure she will not only appreciate your design, but this beautiful gesture. Do wish her a happy birthday from me as well.

Readers, what are your suggestions for this generous daughter?